Talking about vibrating technology? Invicon is the place to be!

If it is about dosing, screening, compressing, dis-charging, or separate products on density, or just transportation of bulkproducts, vibrating technology is a reliable and a widely used technology.

For over more than 30 years Invicon Industrial has been a designer and builder of all kinds of industrial vibrating machinery and many related “specials”.

We deliver all industries; food, chemical, petro-chemical, offshore, glas, recycle, etc etc.

Industrial Vibrating equipmentover-invicon-logos

If you are looking for vibrating equipment, or components, you have come to the right place at Invicon Industrial, for example:

  • shaker conveyors
  • dosing troughs
  • vibrating screens
  • vibrating pipes
  • knocker screens
  • drives
  • controllers for your vibrating magnet
  • springleafs