About Invicon

Do you ¬†recognize them? The 30 year old brochures from above? Indeed…. that is how long we design and build vibrating machinery! Invicon Industrial BV (formerly Schriek-Engineering) has been a designer and builder of all kind of vibrating installations for over more than 28 years.

We still supply all industries, for instance:

  • Food- and beverage industries
  • Chemie
  • Petro-chemie
  • Road-construction
  • Recycling
  • Concrete

We deliver fully custom made installations, but also all parts for the vibrating machinery builders¬†(www.trillers.nl), varying from drives to leafsprings. Quality and durability are a part of us. Some of the machines delivered by us 28 years ago, are still fully operational today! This says something about us …..

We deliver worldwide.