Electro-magnetic shaker conveyors

Electro-magnetic shaker conveyors are available in numerous versions. These pictures below will perhaps bring you to an idea. The electromagnetic drive is, if applied correctly, almost maintenance free because there are no rotating (lubrication) parts.

Electro-magnetic conveyors

This application of shaker conveyors are available in many different versions. It could be for bulk transportation or for exact/precise dosing. An important condition is that it should be for an application custom made for the company. At Invicon we have over more than 25 years of experience in designing and building shaker conveyors.

Also for your company we can make electromagnetic shaker conveyors which will meet your special requirements. A nice side effect of this version of shaker conveyors is that there are no rotating (lubrication) parts. Thus there is hardly any maintenance.

Ofcourse it is not only about custom made products, but also about quality, which will lead to a very long product life.